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    【演讲稿大全】 池锝网 2018-06-14本文已影响


    My definition of success Today I am very glad to be here to share with you my ideas of success. What is success? It is what everyone is longing for.Sometimes success would be rather simple. Winning a game is success; getting a high grade in the exam is success; making a new friend is success; even now I am standing here giving my speech is somehow also success. However, as a person’s whole life is concerned, success becomes very complicated. Is fortune success? Is fame success? Is high social status success? No, I don’t think so. I believe success is the realization of people’ s hopes and ideals.Nowadays, in the modern society there are many people who are regarded as the successful. And the most obvious characteristics of hem are money, high position and luxurious life. So most people believe that s success and all that they do is for this purpose. But the problem is wether it is real success. We all know there are always more money, higher position and better condition in front of us. If we keep chasing them, where is the end? What will satisfy us at last? Therefore, we can see, to get the real Success we must need something inside, which is the realization of people’ hopes and ideals. Different people have different ideas about success; cause people’s hopes and ideas vary from one another. But I am sure every success is dear to everybody, cause it is not easy to come by, cause in the process of our striving for success, we got both our body and soul tempted, meanwhile we are enlightened by the most valuable qualities of human beings: love, patient, courage and sense of responsibility. These are the best treasures. So now I am very proud that I have this opportunity to stand here speaking to all of you. It is my success, cause I raise up to challenge my hope. What is success? Everyone has his own interpretation as I do. But I am sure every success leads to an ever-brighter future. So ladies and gentlemen, believe in our hopes, believe in ourselves, we, every one of us, can make a successful life! Wish you all good success! 英语演讲稿 全国英语演讲比赛冠军得主演讲稿-“21世纪·爱立信杯”全国英语演讲比赛冠军得主演讲稿 To me March 28th was a lucky day. It was on that particular evening that I found myself at central stage, in the spotlight. Winning the 21st Century·Ericsson Cup Seventh National English Speaking Competition is a memory that I shall treasure and one that will surely stay. More important than winning the Cup is the friendship that has been established and developed among the contestants, and the chance to communicate offstage in addition to competing onstage. Also the competition helps boost public speaking in China, a skill hitherto undervalued. For me, though, the competition is a more personal experience. Habitually shy, I had been reluctant to take part in any such activities. Encouraged by my friends, however, I made a last-minute decision to give it a try. In the course of preparation I somehow rediscovered myself, a truer me. I found that, after all, I like communicating with other people; that exchanging views can be so much fun—and so much rewarding, both emotionally and intellectually; that public speaking is most effective when you are least guarded; and that it is essential to success in every walk of life.





    9位申奥陈述人全方位了描述了中国申办的优势和人民的热情。整理了北京申办冬奥会9位陈述人的文字班陈述词演讲陈述词 ,让我们在这些朴实、真诚、热情的文字中,感受一下现场那激动人心的震撼场面!


























    2013年,北京出台了五年投资1300亿美元的 清洁空气行动计划 。此举仅在过去两年内就使全市的燃煤总量减少了30%,并淘汰了100多万辆高排放车辆。北京正朝着清洁能源型城市迈进。
























    在座的很多人都感受过中国人的热情好客;在此,我也欢迎你们来体验 冬季的中国 !
























    周五, 中国首都北京获得了 2022 年冬季奥运会的主办权, 它将成为世界上首个同时举办 过夏季和冬季奥运会的城市。

    while many nations, including the united states, have hosted both the summer and winter games, no single city had been able to persuade i.o.c. voters that it had the requisite infrastructure, financial resources and climate necessary to pull off such a double. 虽然包括美国在内的很多国家都同时举办过夏季和冬季奥运会,但没有哪个城市曾说服 ioc 投票者相信,它拥有举办这两种赛事必不可少的基础设施、财力资源和气候条件。


    jason lee/reuters 中国张家口,当地民众在广场上排练庆祝北京赢得申奥的舞蹈。

    beijing, it should be noted, did not necessarily do that, either, but it won over the delegates with an elaborate plan that uses some well-known venues from the summer games, including the bird’s nest stadium and the water cube arena, in addition to relying on an elaborate artificial snow-making operation to account for the fact that its surrounding region has few mountains and, generally, fewer inches of actual snow. 需要指出的是,北京也未必具备所有这些条件,但它以一份周密的计划书赢得了代表们 的信任。这份计划书显示,除了依靠人工造雪来解决北京周边地区山脉少且降雪相对匮乏这 样一个现实问题,他们将重复利用北京夏季奥运会的一些知名场馆,包括鸟巢和水立方。

    而且,北京显示,要把 2022 年奥运会当作催化剂,帮助中国北方地区的 3 亿人口发展对 冬 季运动的兴趣,此前,他们中的大多数人较少展开相关运动。中国已经创建了一个特别 项目,据说要花费约 3000 万美元(约合 1.86 亿人民币)培养在中国发展历史比较短的运动 项目的运动员,比如北欧混合式滑雪、无舵雪橇、有舵雪橇和钢架雪橇运动。

    “summer or winter games, they all represent the olympic ideals,” yao ming, the former n.b.a. star who retired in 2011, said at a news conference before the vote. “it’s the right time, the perfect time, for the olympics to return to beijing.” 不管是夏季还是冬季奥运会,它都代表着奥林匹克的体育精神,2011 年退役的前 nba 球 员姚明在 ioc 进行投票之前的一个新闻发布会上说道。他还表示,奥林匹克重回北京,现在 正是时候,这个时机再好不过。

    beijing plans to stage the so-called city events — hockey, figure skating and speed skating — downtown, while the sliding and skiing events will be held at venues in yanqing and zhangjiakou, about 40 and 90 miles outside beijing. a planned high-speed rail line to zhangjiakou is supposed to cut travel time to less than an hour, though chinese organizers — no doubt wary of the i.o.c.’s renewed sensitivity to skyrocketing olympic budgets — have said repeatedly that the rail project should be seen as separate from the olympic bid. 北京计划在市区举办冰球、花样滑冰和速度滑冰这几项所谓的城市项目,而将雪橇和滑 雪项目放在延庆和张家口的一些场馆举行,这些场馆分别位于北京以外 40 和 90 英里(后者 约合 145 公里)远的地方。一个计划中的高铁项目将使北京和张家口两地的路程缩小到 1 小 时之内,尽管中国主办方已经反复表示,这个高铁项目应该被视为独立于冬奥之外的建设项 目。他们显然知道 ioc 再度对奥运会预算飞涨比较敏感,十分警惕自己有此嫌疑。

    无论如何,北京的冬奥会的运作都必然涉及在两个距离相当远的不同场馆集中地举办赛 事。而在另一边,阿拉木图此前一直试图将自己定位为北京策略的对立面。它暗示北京的策 略过多强调人为因素。阿拉木图的申奥口号相当尖锐,是“保持真实” ,这个前哈萨克斯坦首 都指出自己的城市特征是小巧紧凑,还反复强调其周边山峦上覆盖着天然积雪。

    阿拉木图主办方表示, 他们的所有场地都在 18 英里半径范围内, 而 70%的必备场馆在 ioc 投票之前都已存在,这使得他们举办冬奥会的基础设施预算总计只有大约 60 亿美元。北京 的预算预计要大得多,尽管主办方反复申明,其合并成本为 30 亿美元,而这一数字没有 包含那条高铁线路和其他一些项目的造价。

    举办奥运会的费用已经成为 ioc 主席托马斯·巴赫(thomas bach)一再谈起的话题。他提 出的主要计划之一《奥林匹克 2020 议程》(olympic agenda 2020)实质上是对申奥程序的一 次全面改革。

    它的目标是迫使申办城市降低基础设施费用——由此也增加潜在申办城市数量, 同时促使它们在被真正纳入考虑范畴之前能满足基本的人权状况要求。

    this election was the final one before the rules of the agenda 2020 program take effect, and many critics of the bidding process noted that it was, in many ways, a fitting coda. bidding for the winter olympics, which are both significantly smaller and less popular than the summer games, has always been difficult, but this race was particularly rocky. 这次申奥活动是《奥林匹克 2020 议程》计划生效之前的最后一届,很多对这次申办过程 提出批评的人士指出,它在很多方面都可以说是一个恰当的结尾。冬奥会规模较小,也没有 夏季奥运会那么受欢迎,申办这一赛事总是比较困难,但这次角逐显得尤为波折。

    four european cities, including winter havens like oslo and stockholm, pulled out of the race after initially expressing interest; all cited various political or financial concerns, as well as soft public support. those departures left behind only two viable candidates, both of which came with question marks. 包括曾经举办过冬奥会的奥斯陆和斯德哥尔摩在内,有四个欧洲城市最初曾对申办表示 出兴趣,但在之后退出了这次竞争,他们都列举了各种政治和财务方面的原因,以及疲软的 公众支持。这四个城市退出后,只留下两个具备可行性的候选城市,而它们都有让人存疑之 处。

    the global political concerns with china’s government are well known, and minky worden, the global initiatives director at human rights watch, said the current human rights situation in china might best be described as “the worst crackdown in the post-1989 period across the board. ” there was also concern over beijing ’ s environmental situation, as air pollution has continued to be a problem and some experts have questioned how the proposed snow-making operation would affect the region ecologically. 众所周知, 全世界都对中国政府存在政治方面的顾虑。

    人权观察组织(human rights watch) 全球倡导总监胡丹(minky worden)认为, 中国目前的人权状况可以最贴切地描述为, “自 1989 年以来最严厉的全盘打压局面。

    ”此外,人们还有对北京环境状况的担忧,那里的空气污染依 然是个问题,有些专家已经开始质疑,申奥计划提出的造雪措施会如何影响这一地区的生态 环境。

    almaty, too, would have presented its own political and human rights issues. a former soviet republic, kazakhstan has been led by the same president, nursultan nazarbayev, since 1989 and only gained its independence in 1991. government-imposed limitations on free speech and freedom of assembly through arrests and violence, as well as exhaustive media censorship, are just some of the restrictions faced by kazakh citizens, according to local activists. 阿拉木图也有它的政治和人权问题。

    作为一个直到 1991 年才赢得独立的前苏联加盟共和 国,哈萨克斯坦自 1989 年以来一直由同一个总统努尔苏丹·纳扎尔巴耶夫 (nursultan nazarbayev)领导。当地活动人士表示,政府通过逮捕和武力手段限制言论自由和集会自由, 对媒体报道实行严格审查,而这些只是哈萨克斯坦公民所受限制的一部分。

    mr. bach’s agenda 2020 plan would, hypothetically, make these sorts of problems more germane to future bidding votes, but it was not clear what sort of role — if any — human rights concerns played in friday’s decision. 按说,巴赫制定的《奥林匹克 2020 议程》将会进一步加强这类问题与未来奥运活动申请 城市中标资格的相关性,但我们并不清楚,周五的这次投票是否考虑了人权问题,或者它在 多大程度上对这类问题予以考虑。

    最终,投票人选择了二者中更为人知的城市。尽管北京冬奥会有人造雪计划,但它依然 采用了“纯洁的冰雪,激情的约会”的申办口号。在花费至少 400 亿美元举办的夏季奥运会 过去八年之后,这一口号似乎颇能引起共鸣。

    北京申奥活动高级顾问魏纪中在投票前接受新华社采访时表示,中国是个可靠的合作伙 伴,因为我们总能兑现自己的诺言,2008 年北京夏季奥运会就是个完美的例证。

    he added:“if the i.o.c. award the 2022 games to beijing, we will keep our promise, too.” 他又说,如果国际奥委会把申办权交给北京,我们还会兑现自己的承诺。篇二:2016 姚 明申奥演讲_姚明申奥英语发言稿 2016 姚明申奥演讲_姚明申奥英语发言稿 作为中国篮球的代表,姚明在 2016 年冬奥会申奥陈述上代表发言,在陈述演讲中,他用 英语表达我们中国人在冬季都参与体育项目, 同时表达对 2022 年北京冬奥会的期望。

    下面是 第一公文网小编整理的姚明申奥演讲 姚明申奥演讲中文 中国人人都参与冬季体育项目,包括我。

    你们也许不认为篮球是冬季项目,因为它不在冰上和雪上比赛。但世界上大部分地区的 篮球赛季都在冬天,所以你也可以把篮球看成是冬季项目。

    北京 2016 年奥运会,我作为中国国家篮球队的一员,在五棵松体育馆参加了比赛。按照 北京 2022 的申办规划, 五棵松体育馆将承办冰球比赛。

    我期待着在冰雪覆盖的五棵松体育馆 见证奥运征程的新篇章。

    在那儿,我们也许会见到宋安东,他出生在北京,从小就开始打冰球,前不久被北美职业 冰球联盟选中。他渴望着进入中国国家队,参加在北京举办的 2022 年冬奥会。

    在中国,奥运和残奥运动员已经成为青年人的榜样,激励着数以百万计的年轻人参与体 育。下面,我想请冰雪项目的奥运伙伴告诉你们更多的故事。

    姚明申奥英语发言稿 姚明申奥演讲视频: 相关推荐: 冬奥会申办陈述演讲词篇三:普京申冬奥会演讲英文版 it is a great honor for me to address you today and to present the bid of sochi to host the olympic winter games in 2014. the bid has enthusiastic support of the whole of russia. we pledge to make the stay of olympians and paralimpians, spectators, journalists, guests in sochi a safe, enjoyable and memorable experience. sochi is a unique place. on the seashore you can enjoy a fine spring day. but up in the mountains it’s winter. i went skiing there six or seven weeks ago, and i know – real snow’s guaranteed. the ancient greeks lived around sochi. i also saw the rock near sochi to which as legend has it prometheus was chained. it was prometheus who gave people fire, fire which ultimately is the olympic flame. ladies and gentlemen! the city of sochi has exclusive offers: we are working on a list of special privileges for participants and guests of the games. for example we plan to lift all restrictions on the minimum stay for delegations. this will be backed up by a special law. (i have already signed a decree to this effect). and one more special privilege: no traffic jams! i promise! the recent world ice hockey championship in moscow was a big success. russia is ready to host winter olympic and paralympic games in 2014. the olympic family is going to feel at home in sochi. millions of citizens of russia are united by the olympic dream. winter sports are very popular in russia. our athletes have scored many victories and have made major contributions to the olympic movement. but we have not yet had the honor to celebrate the winter olympics. our national pledge to you is: the choice of sochi is the best choice. but whatever decision you make sochi ’ s olympic bid has already brought its benefits. the olympic cluster in sochi will be the first world class mountain sports centre in the new russia. let me point out that after the break-up of the soviet union russia has lost all sports venues in the mountains. would you believe it? even today our national teams have no mountain venues in russia for training. the state-of-the-art sochi sports center is our present to all athletes – olympians and would-be olympians, to citizens of russia and guests from abroad. (in french) the olympic dream of millions of russians awaits your decision with high hopes.篇四:2022 冬奥会作文 2022 冬奥会作文 2022 冬奥会作文(一) 2022 年冬奥会,我 14 岁 低年部校区一年一班 王钺一 今天我和妈妈看了 2022 年冬奥会举办地揭晓仪式, 当听到北京这两个字时, 我非常的兴 奋!因为我们的祖国再次成为世界的焦点,我为她而骄傲。

    我是在 2008 年北京奥运会那天出生的奥运宝宝,2022 年,我已经从奥运宝宝成长为青 少年,为了迎接绿色奥运,我要为环保做一些力所能及的事。通过我们点点滴滴的努力,道 路两旁的大树会更绿,鸟儿飞翔在蓝蓝的天空上,鱼儿畅游在清清的河水中。景色将会美不 胜收。不仅如此,那时已经 14 岁的我一定要去北京为祖国的奥运健儿们加油,因为妈妈跟我 讲,中国的冬季运动项目在世界处于领先地位,而且曾经有很多金牌得主是我们哈尔滨人! 听了之后我对 2022 年冬奥会的期盼更加强烈了。

    2022 年,我 14 岁了。我要诚心的祝愿北京冬奥会圆满成功,我们的奥运健儿取得好成 绩! 2022 冬奥会作文(二) 2022 冬奥会 我十六岁 这一天, 我坐上了时光飞船来到了 2022 年冬天的北京。

    这一年在这里要举办举世瞩目的 冬奥会! 我欣喜的发现这里有来自世界各地的外国友人。尽管他们有着不同的肤色,说着不同的 语言,但是他们的脸上都洋溢着相同的笑容。我看到北京的街道干净而又宽阔。路上车来车 往。路旁的花草树木欣欣向荣,茂盛又蓬勃。高耸的大楼,繁华的街道,热情的人们,这一 切都向世界展现着我的祖国日益强大和文明友善。


    志愿者们的友善和帮助让每一位来到中国的友人都感到温暖快乐。冬奥会的举办让世界了解 北京,了解我的祖国。此时此刻,我站在这片广阔的土地上,我真的为我的祖国——中国感 到自豪和骄傲! 当我在为冬奥会的举办欣喜的同时,我也高兴的发现这时的我已经十六岁了,我不仅个 子长高了,也已经从一名小学生成为了一名高中生。我通过自己的努力进入了一所优秀的高 中学习。我在这里认识了许多友善的新同学。我的梦想是成为祖国的栋梁。我正在为了我的 梦想努力学习更多的知识。我希望以后可以为我的祖国贡献一份力量。

    傍晚的时候,我乘 坐时光飞船回到了 2015 年。一天的未来之旅结束了,但我却更加期待未来的到来。我真心的 祝福 2022 年在北京举办的冬奥会圆满成功,我也相信七年后的我能通过努力实现我的梦想! 2022 年,祖国冬奥加油!十六岁的自己加油! 作文素材:说说举办冬奥会的意义 体育运动也有自己的特点,虽然各式各样的项目都需要些条件,可是还是有一些项目需 要比较高档次的场地的条件,以及更高要求的装备等级的。为啥几十年前乒乓球是中国人最 为喜欢的运动呢?场地器材等等都不需要多大的投入,玩起来还挺有意思,这样大家都玩。

    那时候别说是滑雪这样的运动了, 滑冰基本上都是高消费的运动, 一双冰鞋基本二三百, 冰场还需要钱,这样那时候滑冰的人也是生活比较富裕的家庭才能了。

    就现在大家的生活来说各式各样的运动能满足我们平时对于运动的要求,可是真的比如 说滑雪这样的比较少玩的运动还是能给你带来更多的享受的。可以说形成全民运动全民健身 的风尚,冬季项目必不可缺。

    对于北方地区而言,冬季大家能玩的项目也不多,到了漫长的冬季,大家基本的活动就 是乒乓球羽毛球游泳这样的需要场馆的运动,可是对于一些人比如我,就喜欢露天的活动。

    到了冬季就没啥可玩的了,基本上平时就进入冬歇期了。可是冬季项目基本上还是比较 少的人参与。这样要形成平时运动的机制还是需要一定的国家的支撑的。冬奥会就是这样的 一个契机。

    大型的运动会,虽然不会彻底的改变一个国家的体育运动的大形势,可是这样的大型的 运动会单纯的从体育方面来说带来的促进的效果还是很厉害的,中国人多不说比赛很多的冷 门项目其实玩的人还是不少,那几年觉得滑雪的人不多,可是真的等你到了滑雪场各式各样 的高手随处可见,尤其是那些单板高手确实感觉有水平。

    可是玩这样的项目的人相对于整个社会人群来说还是比较少, 而且知道的人主要是太少。

    那些人玩的很好,可是带来的促进并不大,除了专门去学习的人能知道,大家还真的不知道 还是有这样的一群运动者存在,可以说冬奥会这样的一种大的运动会,是能给大家一次真正 的展示我们冬季项目的机会。

    所以有这样的一次奥运会能给中国的冬季的项目带来更大的发展,而且这样的发展的局 面能很好的促进群众体育的发展,冬季项目最为缺乏的就是这样的大影响里的运动会,所以 为了促进我们国家的冬季项目的发展,申办冬奥会也是一个很好的办法。篇五:2022 北京冬 奥会成功感想作文-记冬奥会申办成功的那 记冬奥会申办成功的那天 这真是有意义的一天呀! 际奥委会的认可,成功申办冬奥会。

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